The strength of Agrado

Business development for the international horticultural business. Professional, driven and focused on results.

Results focused marketing that leads to a change of course

The specialty of Bernhard Nanninga is to create business strategies that brings organizations to new insights that lead them to new paths of new chances.

With his analytical and creative approach, he succeeds to open the entrepreneurs’ eyes to new perspectives for their business, with a focused sight and a practical way to realize the goals that those new paths offer.

Small and Medium sizes Enterprises (SME)

Owners and managers of SMEs are active all the year round nonstop running their businesses. Often, they lack the time and the knowledge to plan their marketing and selling strategies. Therefore, it’s not clear for their target group what their strengths are and what is that make their company special; or why should they choose their products or services. They see chances and possibilities, but don’t know how to translate those into practical actions. Bernhard Nanninga works towards the betterment of your business; he takes care that your company becomes visible for the target group both online and offline.

Horticultural Business

As marketing strategy advisor, Bernhard Nanninga is strongly committed with the developments in the international Horticultural Business and greenhouse crops. The ongoing professionalization on the area demands specialization and knowledge of the market and the commercial chain. Agrado identifies fast the problems and offers a result oriented approach. With the necessary knowledge of the market and a well-fitting strategy, Agrado can make the difference for your business. Targeted marketing helps to achieve a better position regarding the concurrency, and targeted promotion helps for better selling results.

Bernhard Nanninga has in his heart the love for the international Horticultural Business and it is his passion to help entrepreneurs in the sector to develop and better their businesses.


Breeding and Propagation

The right genetic material is key for the success in breeding and grower. The satisfaction of the client is as well determining whether the consumer will repurchase the product. The whole commercial chain is important whether in the floricultural business or fruit vegetable business. The right strategy and marketing plan are key to generate demand from the market. A strong competitive concurrency is the challenge that stands in front of businesses.

As specialist in the international horticultural business and greenhouse crops, Bernhard Nanninga understands the whole commercial chain in the floricultural- and fruit vegetable sectors. Therefore, it’s easy for Nanninga to see through the organization and identify the problem areas and current situation of the business. Agrado will then provide a new strategy, a marketing plan, new concepts or ideas to improve the business and performance of the sales department.


Floricultural Business

Companies in the Floriculture Business and greenhouse crops are getting bigger and become more professional. This sector and its commercial chain are very fragmented. In The Netherlands, the flower auction is retreating and companies in the sector have to organize their marketing efforts on their own or work strategic together with other parties in the business. Standing still is not an option. On international scale the sector in developing very rapid and become more professional.

Cut Flowers and ornamental plants are perceived by the consumers as a product associated to a positive experience, they can be given as gifts or bought for one’s own house. This brings lots of marketing possibilities that can be exploited by working together with other parties or by improving one’s own position against competitors.

As marketing specialist, Bernhard Nanninga knows the marketing chain vertically and horizontally. From all the many successful assignments completed by Agrado in the horticultural sector, to the high satisfaction of its clients, you can be assure of an effective approach with guaranteed results. A marketing plan or strategic advice for your business is the daily work of Agrado.


Fruit vegetables and Greenhouse crops

The professionalization experienced by these sectors in last years will only continue to grow. The market is scaling up and the focus on technic, innovation, efficiency and costs’ control is at its highest point in history. Nevertheless, growers associations are not often focused on branding and market position. To keep the trust of its clients in the retail, the sector is concentrated on the demanded specifications and volumes of the retail.

By making the consumer the central point, and knowing that fruits and vegetables are the basis of a healthy lifestyle, business owners in the sector could exploit much better the marketing opportunities offered by this premise. All aspects related to health, easiness, food safety and flavor offer consumer connected opportunities.

Focusing on assuring the repurchase of products by augmenting the interest of the consumer in fruits and vegetables are the challenges that the sector faces now. Bernhard Nanninga thinks from the perspective of the consumer and has a strategical overview of the play field that allows him to see through the business and turn the tables for its betterment. The building up of a brand, the positioning of a product in the market and the reinforcing of selling power are some of the points that you can ask Bernhard Nanninga for advice.


Get acquainted to Bernhard Nanninga’s result oriented marketing approach

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