Concept development

From promising idea to form and content.

Shaping plans and ideas

It happens often that entrepreneurs with plans and ideas walk in circles thinking how to give them form. That’s unfortunate, because many innovations and brilliant ideas stay rather in the minds and never see daylight.

Creative and  effective specialist

Bernhard Nanninga is the creative and result oriented specialist who is able to go from abstraction to real action and results, giving ideas form and content. It’s all about making the link between the needs in the market and the ideas of the business owner.

Reaching your target group

What will succeed? What is the best product-market combination, brand or concept and how to achieve this? How to make your product visible to your target group and how to wake their interest in your product? Bernhard Nanninga has a lot of experience with the development of product concepts and he is able to reach and activate your target group.

bernhard nanninga van agrado marketing uit pijnacker

Also make use of a specialist and be better prepared

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