Strategy development

A sharp focus and a fresh look on your business that leads to the rescheduling of beacons.

Clear focus and results

Many plans never get executed because of the lack of a concrete strategy and the absence of a clear mission and vision. From a strong supported approach with a clear focus and goals it’s easier to advance towards success.

A promising strategy

From a well thought and logical constructed plan, where the whole play field is taken into consideration, Agrado can come with a promising strategy and the right choices. A “SWOT-analyses helps to provide a clear view of the business in the context.

Agrado has the right knowledge and experience, as well as the necessary distance to give you an honest and independent advice to the improvement of your business.

A fresh look and new perspectives

Bernhard Nanninga is specialist in designing a promising strategy for your company that sheds new light on problem areas and helps you to change the course. With his analytical and creative approach, he succeeds in showing new perspectives to entrepreneurs, help them focus and come to action.

bernhard nanninga van agrado marketing uit pijnacker

Also make use of a specialist and be better prepared

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